Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

Options for Fundraising

Below are suggestions for events during JWV Veteran’s Week. Your Post, Department, or Echelon is not limited to these events, and we encourage you to come up with your own ideas. Please send any suggestions to Jordana Green at .

Available for Download Options for Fundraising (pdf)

Funds Split 50-50 between your Post, Department, or Echelon and National

1. Create an ad journal for your Post

2. Solicit in your community – you’ve contributed to friends’ activities in the past; solicit them for a contribution to JWV.

3. Birthday celebration – instead of gifts, have guests give donations to JWV

4. Collect money at shopping centers and grocery stores

5. Raffle – print tickets and solicit donations; example: car, vacation, or a 50-50 raffle where the winner takes ½ of all proceeds

6. Hold a fundraising dinner

7. Hold a dinner with a silent auction

8. Poppy sale

9. Wine and cheese and/or movie night

10. Wine, beer, or scotch tasting event

11. Send letter to Post members and friends soliciting funds in honor of fallen heroes

12. Speak with organizations and those who make large donations and/or give grants and solicit funds

13. Sell a commemorative coin

14. Movable feast – people pay a ticket price and are assigned three homes: one for cocktails, one for dinner, and one for dessert

15. Bus trip to a function or sight – Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Museum, USS Iowa, etc

16. Bake sale

17. Bridge tournament/Golf tournament/bowling tournament/mah jong tournament

18. Theatre party

19. Rummage sale or flea market

20. Host a class or special workshop and charge a participation fee

21. Dinner cruise

22. Have a special guest speaker, sell tickets to the program

23. Host a Casino night, have people make a donation to enter the event, have prizes for the night’s top gamblers

24. Host a cook-off event – for example: Kugel cook-off and tasting.

25. Run a lemonade stand at a local event

26. Find a restaurant willing to donate a percentage of their profits on a designated night in return for encouraging local members and supporters to eat there

Funds Sent to National

1. Solicit names for the Museum’s Honorial Wall (In Memory Of or In Honor Of) - $1000

2. Solicit for placement in the Museum’s Yahrzeit program - $250

3. Solicit for Museum pavers - $200-$500 each

4. Become a major donor for an exhibit

5. Solicit for general donations to the Museum or JWV

6. Give to the Museum Endowment Fund

7. Solicit for the Museum’s Major Benefactor’s Wall - $50,000 and up

8. Add codicil in will for JWV or the museum, send a copy of the codicil to National

9. Get members for the Museum and /or JWV

10. Participate in the bulk certificate program – starting at $40

11. Participate in the Museum’s Memorial candle program – no fixed amount for donation

12. Sponsor a room in the National Building

13. Purchase a spot on the new photo kiosk- $180