Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

Without American Troop Immunity, JWV Demands U.S. Withdraw Immediately From All UN Forces

Summer 2004

Once again United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan has refused to lift his head from the sand to recognize the potential for frivolous, politically-motivated anti-American abuses of the International Criminal Court (ICC) against United States peacekeeping forces. Frustrated by the U.N. Security Council's decision last year to extend U.S. peacekeeping forces' immunity from the court, Annan is again lobbying Council members to end U.S. immunity despite threats to cease participation in peacekeeping operations. Annan's action will do nothing but weaken the U.N.'s ability to end regional conflict. Should Annan's short-sighted efforts to end American immunity prove successful, the U.S. must immediately end all participation in U.N. peacekeeping operations world-wide and return troops to their home stations to be available in U.S. led operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. These troops would be immediately available to relieve over-extended National Guard and Reserve soldiers currently serving in the two theatres. In response to Annan's efforts to allow judicial attacks on U.S. peacekeepers, the U.S. must demand that before any American troops are assigned to future peacekeeping forces, every nation local to the conflict must provide as complete a peacekeeping force as possible. In addition, any U.S. servicemen and women joining that peacekeeping force should serve only as a military advisor. From the birth of the U.N., America has sent her sons and daughters into harms way to protect the innocent in war torn nations around the globe. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been saved, homes and businesses protected, and vital resources spared thanks to U.S. military supported peacekeeping operations. Despite the benevolent participation of U.S. Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines in these operations, anger and hatred toward the U.S. has developed due to our participation, even while serving under the U.N. flag. The ouster of vicious warlords, protection of the persecuted and prevention of genocide have always been the objectives of U.N. peacekeeping operations and U.S. participation in these operations has proven fruitful, but for every life saved and warlord removed from power, opponents have explored the means to strike back at America's servicemen and women. The end of U.S. immunity from the ICC would allow these groups a politically-motivated retaliatory means to attack U.S. forces participating in U.N. peacekeeping operations with unfounded war crimes accusations. The U.N. must continue the protection of U.S. troops from these frivolous actions if American participation in peacekeeping operations is to be expected. Annan's efforts have opened the door for America's political enemies to attack her servicemen and women with both bullets and legal briefs while in service to the U.N. We call upon the Security Council to slam this door closed and refuse to allow the International Criminal Court to be used for frivolous politically-motivated attacks on American peacekeepers.


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