Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

When is a monument not a monument?

Spring 2004

The Jewish War Veterans of the U.S.A. (JWV) strongly recommends that the prisoners in the Abu Ghraib prison be transferred to other prison venues, and that the prison structure itself be demolished before the June 30th turnover date. This will act to preclude it from becoming an anti-American monument to Arab hatred of our country. The empty site can be assigned to some social benefit to the Iraqi people such as a school, hospital or other worthy cause. A review of the vast majority of media and television reports and photographs on the published claims of American abuse of Iraqi prisoners do not recite or recall the facts of Saddam's many years of use of the prison for torture, execution and death for those who disagreed with him and his government. Their convenient memories reverberate their need to paint America liable for everything bad. What has heretofore stood as a monument to Saddam's sadism will disappear, and his crimes against the Iraqi people will be forgotten. Any future use of that prison by Iraqis and Arabs would very likely and logically be deemed to reflect only presumed American abuse rather than Iraqi torture. It should not be allowed to remain standing as a reflection of the perversion of American values rather than reflecting on President Bush's call for the introduction of democracy in the Middle East. JWV calls upon our government to do this right and eliminate the possibility of a monument dedicated to the hatred of America from becoming a tourist attraction.


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