Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

The Termination of Salah Shehadah Confirms the Correctness of President Bush Policy of Preemptive El

Jewish War Veterans of the USA (JWV) disagrees with criticism of Israel for its missile attack in Gaza, according to JWV National Commander Bernard Becker. "The lessons of Vietnam and the Persian Gulf War taught us that the enemy hides itself among the civilian population. The innocent civilians act as a shield for the terrorist. Collateral damage- civilian casualties- is unavoidable." "Despite pressure and criticism from others, the Israelis must stand firm," Mr. Becker said. "It is the job of the Israel Defense Force (IDF) to protect Israeli civilians, and the job of the Israeli government to decide which policy will most effectively achieve that. An executioner such as Salah Shehadeh, the Hamas military commander who was the target of the attack, would not be allowed by any other country to continue his murderous ways. The Israelis were right to strike as soon as they knew where he was." Mr. Becker pointed out, "This man was responsible for the deaths of five yeshiva students in Atzmona, for hundreds of mortar attacks on civilian areas, for dispatching three school children on a suicide mission to attack the community of Netzarim, for the recent attack on an Israeli bus and for numerous other terrorist attacks." ""he loss of civilian life is terrible, no matter whose civilians they are," Mr. Becker continued. "But as the recent report by Amnesty International noted, it is not acceptable for military and terrorist groups to deliberately surround themselves with civilians in order to deter attacks, which is what this so-called leader did, and many of his fellow terrorists continue to do every day." "The real responsibility for these deaths," Mr. Becker declared, "rests with Hamas, the Palestinian Authority and the other terrorist groups which have rejected every normal convention of civilization, rejected negotiation and compromise, in favor of attacks on helpless men, women and children! It is unfortunate that the EU and UN cannot, or will not, see this." "President Bush has said that if the US knew that someone was planning attacks, his hands would not be tied, that the US reserves the right to strike first to deter terror. That is what the Israelis did." Mr. Becker also noted that "The US government at various times under President Kennedy set into motion plans to kill Fidel Castro, the head of another country! The fact that they failed merely compounded the problem." "The truth is Israel is again being held to a higher standard than any other country. The European Union, of course, condemned Israel," Mr. Becker said. "British officials, at least, were honest, saying that they "understand Israel's need to take action against suspected suicide bombers and their accomplices." ""eally, it's the same sad and whiny response from Hamas, the PA and other Palestinian terror groups, as though they can't figure out that the Israelis will strike back! And it's sad for the Palestinians that these thugs can hijack an entire people this way." He concluded, "Things will not improve until the Palestinians have someone in leadership who understands that it is a two-way street, either for life or for death. The innocent8 civilians should allow themselves to be hostages of hate, shielding the murderers from their just desserts."


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