Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

The Jewish War Veterans Supports the House Armenian Genocide Resolution

March 2010

Once again a Resolution is being presented to the House of Representatives which calls for the recognition of the fact that 1,500,000 Armenians were targeted for slaughter by Turkey. The sticking point seems to be truth. The truth is it was a "genocide."

Apparently facing a fact as it really exists seems to conflict with something called civility or political correctness.

Gertrude Stein would have said - a genocide is a genocide is a genocide, and so on.

The Jewish War Veterans ( JWV) supports the resolution as presented. The Armenians were specifically targeted for annihilation. There were survivors who deserve the world to recognize the inhumanity of the then Turkish onslaught.

Genocide has become a basic form which targets a specific group for ethnic cleansing - Cambodia, Rwanda, Sudan, Bosnia, and something called the Holocaust. The survivors are entitled for the world to recognize their victimization.

There are those who say that we may be offending Turkey's sensibilities. That they will now retrench in their understanding with NATO and to the U.S. We guess that, as a preemptive strike, they have conducted a round up of those who have supported a non-religious society. Offensive comments are those without fact or truths. Silence and fear should not constrain us lest the paper tiger may someday find itself in a fire with our books.

The Serb leader being tried at The Hague said that the Genocide for which he has been indicted and is now being tried was in defense of his nation, which "is just and holy" and in an expression of political correctness said that the Serbs "wanted to live with Muslims, but not under Muslims." The mind of man can easily benefit in a community based on his slaughter of his mother. We should not fear the Truth.

The JWV believes that "Never Forget" is more than a slogan - genocide must be condemned.


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