Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

Terrorist Organizations Must Be Eliminated

Summer 2003

The recent spate of suicide bombings from Bali to Jakarta, from Russia to India, from the Jordanian Embassy in Baghdad to the UN headquarters office there, are copycat crimes, echoing the destruction over the years in Israel at the hands of radical Islamic fundamentalists. Last week's devastation in Jerusalem and Baghdad were echoed today in the streets of Bombay. As the bodies of the six young children killed in Jerusalem show, no one is safe from the irrationality of those who are willing to give their own lives to perpetuate terror. These copycat murders are a stark reminder that terrorism can be eliminated only by going to the root of the terror. The terrorist organizations that perpetuate these crimes against humanity must be eliminated. They cannot be appeased or recognized as partners. The only way to eliminate the terror that they perpetuate is to wipe off the face of the earth those who would kill and maim indiscriminately. Terror will be eliminated only when those who perpetrate terror are eliminated, no matter where they may be hiding.


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