Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

Soldiers Should Not Be Punished for Government Oversight

Fall 2016

Army National Guardsmen in California should not be required to pay back enlistment bonuses after audits revealed overpayments and improper reenlistment screening tactics by the California National Guard.

The Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America demands that the Pentagon drop all efforts to recoup these reimbursements. The Pentagon has failed its soldiers by penalizing those whose only intention was to serve their country.

Lack of oversight and extensive misconduct by the California Guard led to this situation, and now our soldiers- who served honorably- are being punished. Many are severely in debt trying to pay the Pentagon back for a governmental mistake.

Despite Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s suspension of all efforts to collect the reimbursements, we call for more action. Disciplinary action should be taken against those who are trying to bankrupt our veterans.

JWV National Commander COL Carl A. Singer noted that we “need to honor the commitment to the National Guardsmen, but also put a better system in place to assure that recruiters don’t oversell and overpromise. No one should be penalized for serving their country.”

It is important to note that while the situation in California has made the national news, this is occurring to our Guardsmen across the country. We must stand up and fight for the rights of all active duty personnel who have been forced to repay the government for someone else’s mistake or misdeed.

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