Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America


The Jewish War Veterans of the USA (JWV) vigorously condemns the arrogance of OPEC in controlling production limits with the express purpose of raising the cost of oil and the cost of the war on terrorism. OPEC expressly designed their actions to create and impose damage on America's economic recovery. OPEC's weasel words and tepid rhetoric in support of the fight against terrorism cannot hide OPEC's rejecting America's actions. OPEC uses, as in the past, oil profits to finance the Bin Ladin style of terrorism and now seeks to pressure the United States to surrender in the war against terror. JWV calls upon all Americans to consider that while the value of our dollar decreases as oil prices increase- that they rethink purchases, stocking or sale of any products or produce imported here from any of the OPEC nations. National Commander Bernard Becker said "OPEC should not benefit from over 6000 American dead. American taxpayers have not committed billions to the airline industry for that money to pay for an increase in OPEC oil profits." The National Commander went on to call for immediate aid to Non-OPEC nations to increase oil production and for the commitment of resources to enhance the advancement of alternate fuel sources such as ethanol. Becker said that "the best way to avoid this sort of economic blackmail is to have other options. Then we can tell them exactly what to do with their oil."


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