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Long Beach VA Renamed for Medal of Honor Recipient, JWV Life Member Tibor Rubin

Spring 2017

We are pleased to announce that this morning the VA Long Beach Medical Center was renamed the Tibor Rubin VA Medical Center in honor of Medal of Honor Recipient, Holocaust survivor, and JWV Life Member Corporal Tibor Rubin. This ceremony is the culminating event in a JWV advocacy campaign spanning several years.

The legislation to rename the hospital was first introduced by Congressman Alan Lowenthal, and was finally signed into law on December 16, 2016 by President Barack Obama. The JWV Department of California was instrumental in facilitating support for the bill both in California and on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Several other veterans service organizations also offered their support.

JWV National Commander Carl A. Singer was present to give remarks about Tibor Rubin and the role JWV played in passing the bipartisan Section 552 of Public Law 107-107. This law mandated the review of the records of all Jewish American veterans and all Hispanic American veterans whose service might merit the receipt of the Medal of Honor. As a result, in 2005 Tibor Rubin was awarded the Medal of Honor for his service, bravery, and dedication, 55 years after his combat service.

Congressman Lowenthal (CA-47) and Lt. Gen. Joseph Anderson, Deputy Chief of Staff of the United States Army, also spoke about Rubin and his legacy.

After surviving the Holocaust and immigrating to the United States, Rubin was determined to give back to the country that liberated him, and joined the Army during the Korean War. In early November 1950, He was captured during battle and sent as a prisoner of war to a Chinese prison camp located along the border of North Korea and Manchuria. Offered early release by his captors due to his background, Rubin chose to stay and help the other prisoners with the survival skills he learned at Mauthausen. He spent 30 months there.

The concentration camp survivor and former POW served his country by serving others as a volunteer at the VAMC in Long Beach, where he also received his medical care until his death in December 2015.

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