Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

Letter to the Editor

Summer 2003

Terror Equals Death The sanctity of international indifference to the terror imposed on the United States and Israel has come back to bite the UN in the ass in Iraq. The suicide bombing of the UN in Baghdad murdering 20 UN people, including their man put in place to monitor and spy upon U.S. and British activities while seeking to provide Iraqis with humanitarian aid, has come home to roost. It is a signal that the War of Terror respects no one—not even their vocal friends. It is time for the world to eliminate the show of egotistical concern for each nation's own interests. The terror chess game will result in a terror checkmate for this generation if the world does not coordinate its resources to smash the known terror groups by cutting off their financial aid, disavow them, and stop playing nice-nice. If the United Nations wants to be more than an expansive League of Nations, it must openly attack and destroy the seeds of terror organizations and not be deterred by the many different names used to protect the main providers. To date, the United States and Israel have led in the fight. They need committed allies to stem collateral damage bombing, not mere words of appeasement to accomplish an orderly world. There can be no withdrawal from purpose, rebuilding, or going forward. By avoiding the problem, you do not resolve it. Those who are helped must be obligated to participate in the elimination of Terror—they must understand that it is not insurgency but plain murder of themselves with impunity. PNC Robert M. Zweiman Chairman, Coordinating Committee


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