Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

Kofi Annan Adds a New Dimension to the Word Quisling

Spring 2002

Jewish War Veterans of the USA (JWV) has called for the ouster of Kofi Annan as the Secretary General of the United Nations. The demand for Mr. Annan's removal or resignation for prejudice in the equal exercise of his obligation to all of the members of the United Nations was issued by JWV National Commander Bernard Becker. "Kofi Annan, as the Secretary General of the United Nations, acts with the arrogance of a head of state, issuing commands and statements attacking members of the United Nations," Mr. Becker declared. "While the heads of state of Jordan and Egypt did not attend the (recent) Arab League summit, Kofi Annan did attend, either as a participant, observer or whatever position authorized his UN attendance. He did so even though the Arab Nations have held the Palestinians in political and economic bondage for over 50 years." "Since then," Mr. Becker continued, "he as acted as the prat-boy for the Arab League, calling for action against Israel and calling for an International UN Police action so he can continue to act as its commander-in-chief. In doing so he would impose an obligation on the United States for funding and/or personnel." "As chief operations officer of the UN, he made a vacuous statement when two UN observers were murdered. Did he put the power of the United Nations to finding and prosecuting the terrorist murderers? NO! But who knows? Maybe his puppet masters did not consider that such deaths were important enough for their quisling," Mr. Becker concluded.


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