Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

JWV Urges Equal Response to Civilian Brutality Guerilla Tactics

Fall 2003

The JWV decries the guerrilla attacks that continue to kill and wound American and other coalition troops in the aftermath of major combat in Iraq. We are especially saddened by reports of the recent deaths in Mosul in which American soldiers, as they drove there vehicle through the city were stopped, pummeled with concrete blocks and brutally executed by gunmen and teen civilians. While the U.S. Armed Forces are the most formidable in the world and have proven their military superiority in their lightning-quick overthrow of the Saddam Hussein regime, our strength practiced in the usual fashion for conventional combat will not protect American and coalition troops and civilians from being slaughtered by roving guerilla forces, consisting of the so called citizens who we are called upon to protect. U.S. Forces must fight guerilla bands with guerilla tactics. Only in that way can we hope to protect our troops and bring about the stability and peace that will bring about a viable democratic regime in Iraq while ensuring the safety of our young men and women who are serving so ably in harm's way. The old saying of "fighting fire with fire" is very appropriate in today's fighting. November has proven to be an exceptionally heavy month for American and allied casualties. We can not allow this situation to continue unchecked. U.S. troops must learn to fight the guerilla insurgents using improved guerilla tactics. America's might alone cannot bring this conflict to a peaceful conclusion. The cry for protection of civilians may be very morally rewarding but not where those who murder our troops are Iraqi civilians. Our troops are the ones suffering collateral damage and should respond accordingly.


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