Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

JWV Supports Suits against Manufacturers of Agent Orange

February 2009

The Jewish War Veterans of the USA (JWV) supports the soldiers who served so bravely in the Viet Nam War and suffer to this day from the effects of exposure to Agent Orange.

However, law suits on behalf of these veterans should be directed against the manufacturers of Agent Orange, rather than the US Government, which purchased and used Agent Orange without being aware of the potential damage to humans and animals alike that could be caused by the chemical.

Despite a commonly held perception that the US Government was involved in a nefarious scheme to harm people and animals in its defoliation efforts in Viet Nam, the manufacturers knew the effects and probable harm from Agent Orange and withheld this information from the Government to enrich their own coffers at great risk to the health those who suffer to this day.

To this day, no documents have been found to corroborate the theory that the US Government was complicit in using a chemical that it knew would be toxic to its own military, while documents do exist to confirm that Dow and Monsanto, producers of the chemical, knew of these hazards from their own testing and withheld the information in order to make the sale to the Government.

The JWV has therefore joined with other members of the Military Coalition in a brief to the Supreme Court to ensure that suits by victims of this deadly chemical be directed against the manufacturers who withheld from the Government knowledge of the harmful effects of Agent Orange on humans and animals to enrich themselves. The US Government, which purchased and used these chemicals without knowledge of their effects, should not be the object of these suits.

The JWV deplores the harm that was done to so many by the use of Agent Orange and asks only that the manufacturers, who withheld deadly information, and not the Government, which was itself duped by these companies, be liable for the dangerous and destructive effects of its use.


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