Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

JWV says-Delay the Road Map

Spring 2002

The Bush administration has proposed a timetable, or a "Road Map" for peace in the Middle East. This road map envisioned security for the state of Israel. It further envisioned a Palestinian state which would hold democratic elections and would have economic ties with Israel and a peaceful relationship with open borders. The plan calls for a three-phase, three-year program and was to have been presented by Dec. 20th with Israeli elections now scheduled for late January. The U.S. now believes this is the wrong time for such a plan to be adopted. NC Daniel Weiss of the Jewish War Veterans of the USA stated "This s no time to reward terrorism." The Palestinian Authority has not stopped terrorism as required by the plan or the requisite good faith implementation of a desired state. The Europeans, most notably French President Jacques Chirac, wants the plan adopted this month. Commander Weiss says "Chirac does not have his head screwed on right." "He is willing to give great benefits to the Palestinians without getting anything in return," said NC Weiss. President George Bush has repeatedly asked Ariel Sharon to exercise restraint on the face of withering repeated homicide attacks, which have killed and maimed so many innocent women, children, civilians of all ages. Mr. Sharon has exercised enormous restraint. JWV opposes the "Road Map to Peace" until there is some kind of peace in sight.


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