Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

JWV Says ;A Terrorist is a Terrorist;, and Those Who Defend Arafat Are No Better

Spring 2004

Jewish War Veterans of the USA (JWV) has denounced Yassir Arafat and the involvement of so-called peace demonstrators in the military situation in Ramallah, where they have crossed the Israeli lines to enter Arafat's compound. JWV's position was announced by National Commander Bernard Becker. He observed' "Its an amazing spectacle, these seekers of truth, including Jose Saramago, Oliver Stone, Jose Bové, who lead the violent protests in Seattle, and several members of the European Parliament, acting like little controlled robots, and jumping into the hole of one of the world's worst rats." "Against such an enemy as Arafat, a murderer, liar and terrorist, there can be no neutrality,'" NC Becker observed. "These protesters are there to save this killer, and want to be taken seriously? Why aren't they publicly standing in coffeehouses, restaurants and markets in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, where they could protect innocent women and children? Could it be that they know the Israelis are civilized and won't hurt them, while their friends the Palestinians wouldn't stop at the sight of uninvolved innocents? If the killers mean more to them than the victims do, what are their values?" "As innocent Jewish women, children and even babies are being killed daily, Yassir Arafat continues to support the teaching of hatred of Jews in Palestinian schools. The Arab press, in the most militant way, and the European press, in a more "moderate" form, do the same," Mr. Becker said. "If the European Union really wants to stop the violence, not just to stop the Israelis," Mr. Becker continued, "then they should say so. All we hear is what they think of the Israeli actions, as though Israel acted for no reason. Instead of wailing and crying because Arafat has no electricity, where is their sorrow for the dead Israeli men, women and children killed during the Passover Seder?" "President Bush has stood by Israel, and we appreciate that stand, even as we understand there can be differences of opinion between allies, and differences in the self-interests of the two nations. Still," Mr. Becker pointed out, "in the fight against terror, it is Israel that has stood firm while many other US allies have dithered, made excuses, or sought even to profit from the death and destruction." "Arafat has continually ignored and avoided his obligations under the Oslo Agreement, even as he spurned former Israeli Prime Minister Barak's offer of most of the West Bank and half of Jerusalem. As long as the EU and the United Nations pretend that this is just a problem with Israel, as long as they listen to Arafat's obscene speeches about peace in one language and ignore his Arabic speeches of Jihad and the destruction of Israel by whatever force is necessary, they are as much the problem as Arafat," Mr. Becker concluded. "I support the elimination of all terrorists, of all those who would harm innocent people. Israel has every right, indeed every obligation to defend her people, and I call on all democratic countries to open their eyes and support the destruction of terrorists everywhere."


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