Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

JWV Rejects the Hypocrisy;of Those who Ignore the Kidnapping of Reporter and Taking of Hostages

Spring 2002

Jewish War Veterans of the USA (JWV) National Commander Bernard Becker issued a statement today condemning the apparent kidnapping in Karachi, Pakistan, of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. Mr. Pearl has disappeared, and email photos received at US media outlets show him shackled and at gunpoint. In the email, his captors made several demands of the US, including freedom for Pakistanis now in custody of US military forces. "This is nothing but blackmail- a regular terrorist tactic, done without concern for the life of a non-combatant," National Commander Becker said. "The US learned long ago that if you give in to these cowardly acts, you just invite a dozen more seizures of American citizens." "It will be interesting to see if the hypocrites who have been sobbing to the media about the conditions of the Taliban and al Qaida prisoners in Guantanamo Bay have any sympathy to spare for Daniel Pearl," Mr. Becker continued. "They have said nothing for the last two months while al Qaida fighters held an entire Afghan hospital virtually hostage? Were they worried about the local residents who couldn't get treated, or the patients whose care suffered for two months? No doubt we'll hear from them now that US and allied fighters have gone in and cleaned them out of the hospital. All of a sudden, they will pompously extol the virtue of their own inadequacy in fighting unrelenting hate."


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