Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

JWV Opposes Unilateral Involvement by the United States in Foreign Disputes

March 2011

The National Executive Committee of the Jewish War Veterans of the USA, in a formal meeting at its semiannual conclave on March 4, 2011, adopted a policy opposing unilateral involvement of the United States and/or unilateral use of our conventional ground or other forces in any foreign conflict.

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates in a speech at West Point proclaimed that US involvement in areas such as Iraq and Afghanistan in the future would be unwise; and that considerations should be given to implementing sea and air approaches.

Non-violent revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East have led to the downfall of the autocrats in Tunisia and Egypt. Revolutions continue in other nations in the area. Some of those protests have resulted in pledges of reforms. The United States is confronted with the possibilities of regime change in countries that are and have historically been both allies and adversaries of our country while at the same time listen to them condemn the democracies of the United States and Israel as satans with the obligation for all of the worlds ills. In all of those nations, the protesters have been specific in their opposition to any foreign intervention - they want to do it their own way. Let them do it!!!!!

Into this turmoil comes Libya. Its despot Col. Gaddafi has determined that he will remain its leader. The protesters have determined that he shall go. Gaddafi has commenced murders of his citizens and the world, of course, looks to the United States to intervene to protect Libyan citizens. Our government has indicated that we are open to a military option, including a "no-fly" zone protecting the rebel protesters.

The Jewish War Veterans considers such unilateral action not only to be "unwise" but absolutely foolish.

Like it or not, the United States has only one true ally in the Middle East and that is Israel which the US is able to rely upon in any conflict - we both are reviled as satans and should protect each others backsides.

Much as our Administration may seek the love and affection of our Middle East "allies" and, with greater love, their oil, it's time we grew up and started to protect our nation and our security. We cannot, nor should we avoid our position in this world of ours - but it no way should we become the world's sole policeman putting American lives in harms way. American blood and resources must not be squandered. Any actions to be considered must be undertaken and accomplished on a multinational basis including the nations in the regions where problem arises.


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