Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America


The Jewish War Veterans of the USA (JWV) has condemned the ruling Taliban government in Afghanistan for its recent ruling that non-Muslim religious groups must wear yellow badges to indicate that they are not Muslim. "It is a continuation of the stupidity they displayed in the destruction of historic statuary," said JWV National Commander Ronald Ziegler, as he announced JWV's position. "JWV has a long history of fighting bigotry and opposing those who support it," National Commander Ziegler said. "A program like this, so reminiscent of what the Nazis did to the Jews of Europe, is repugnant and demeaning to all who believe in basic human dignity. The feeble excuses of the Taliban fool no one in Afghanistan or anywhere else in the world." "The US and other civilized governments should strongly condemn this action, and apply whatever pressure they can to the Taliban."

The Jewish War Veterans of the USA works to combat anti-Semitism and bigotry. JWV supports American youth through scouting, scholarships and anti-drug programs. The organization supports strong U.S.-Israeli relations by sponsoring Allied Veterans' Missions to Israel each year. JWV is dedicated to America's veterans. Through its hospital, rehabilitation and veterans' service programs, JWV assists the Veterans' Service Offices in major cities throughout the country. JWV supports the underprivileged, homeless, and handicapped of our nation through a variety of civic betterment projects, including low-cost, federally subsidized senior citizens housing.


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