Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

JWV Condemns Hanoi Jane Fonda’s Visit to the Middle East

Spring 2002

Over thirty years ago Jane Fonda provided moral support and solace to the Viet Cong who were killing U.S. personnel," said Jewish War Veterans National Commander Daniel Weiss, himself a highly decorated Vietnam veteran. Through her inane statements Jane Fonda became the symbol of the anti-American effort earning the name of "Hanoi Jane". "To U.S. military personnel in the jungles of Vietnam, the anti-war effort was extremely demoralizing," said Commander Weiss, whose many decorations include the Silver Star and the Purple Heart. Now Hanoi Jane is doing the same intentionally biased thing in the Middle East! Just as Ms. Fonda gave comfort and inspiration to the Viet Cong, dragging out the fighting longer than necessary, so she is now giving the same comfort and inspiration to Palestinian terrorists, allied with Al Qaeda. It is more than a coincidence that on the day she spewed forth with her venom, the Palestinians cancelled their first proposed democratic election in years. National Commander Weiss emphasized Hanoi Jane's views espousing the Palestinian cause should be looked at with a jaundiced eye as coming from someone more interested in her own glory rather than toward accomplishing a just result of Peace in the Middle East. Commander Weiss stated, "We are not fonda Jane!"


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