Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

JWV Condemns European Hypocrisy

Spring 2002

Jewish War Veterans of the USA (JWV) has condemned the hypocrisy of European nations critical of the US detainees from Afghanistan and of American and Israeli actions dealing with terrorists and terrorism. JWV National Commander Bernard Becker contrasted the anti-American rhetoric of Sweden's Foreign Minister Anna Lindh, with the recent expulsion of Sweden of several Arab dissidents who had applied for Swedish asylum. "The Swedes, who haven't had to deal with any kind of war or terrorism since the 1940s, are free enough with their advice and criticism when it comes to how America treats Yassir Arafat or how we house terrorists from al Qaida and the Taliban," NC Becker observed. "But even as Sweden's Foreign Minister is calling our policy toward Arafat madness, the Washington Post reported on the front page that the Swedes and other European countries are sending asylum seekers back to their countries of origin, perhaps in violation of their own laws and certainly without regard to previous traditions of granting asylum." Foreign Minister Lindh may want the rest of the world to run the way she thinks it should, until the person who may be a terrorist is in her own country. Now where is her devotion to sue process and her concern for the tender feelings of a potential terrorist? Is today's paper filled with her denunciations of the Swedish governments actions," Mr. Becker asked. "If not, perhaps she and the rest of the Europeans should spend more time worrying about what their own countries do, and less about what the US or Israel do.


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