Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

JWV to Sponsor 18th Annual Allied Veterans Mission to Israel

Winter 2003

JWV to Sponsor 18th Annual Allied Veterans Mission to Israel The Jewish War Veterans of the USA (JWV) is proud to sponsor its 18th annual Allied Veterans Mission to Israel, in which JWV's local departments from around the country sponsor non-Jewish American veteran leaders on visits to Israel, from May 12 to 23, 2003. The visit affords the participants an opportunity for introspection into Israel, her history, people and place as the Middle East's only democratic nation, and America's most stable, reliable ally in the region. The importance of the mission has never been greater than it is now at a time when the image of Israel is under assault from all sides in the media. According to Past National Commander Robert M. Zweiman, "Past participants who have returned from the mission have become unofficial goodwill ambassadors for Israel in the United States, informing the membership of their respective veteran organizations with the truth about Israel and the reasons for the necessity to protect her sovereignty." This year's mission includes participants from a wide range of veterans' organizations. The following is a list of those who will be participating in the trip: JWV Department of Massachusetts is sponsoring James Fratolillo, State Commander of the American Legion. He will be bringing his wife, Diane Fratolillo with him. JWV Department of Texas is sponsoring William T. Brown, Director of VVA Foundation of Texas. JWV Department of New Jersey is sponsoring Charles A. Carroll, Adjutant/Business Manager, D.A.V. Department of New Jersey. JWV Department of Florida is sponsoring Clarence Hill, State Commander of the American Legion. JWV Department of California is sponsoring Daniel Ortiz, State Director of Public Affairs for the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of California. JWV Department of California is sponsoring Steve Rosmarin, PDC, Travel Leader. JWV Department of New York is sponsoring Robert L. Morill, PDC, of the American Legion. The 2003 mission will include visits with high-level Israeli government and military officials, meetings with American diplomats and tours of Israeli veteran service and rehabilitation facilities. Through their personal participation in this mission, influential members of our allied veteran organizations will be able to view the current situation in Israel at first hand and bring back to the members of their organizations the true picture of the heroic struggle of Israel to maintain its freedom and sovereignty against overwhelming odds.


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