Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

Iraq and Iran-Two of a kind!

Spring 2002

NC Daniel Weiss of the Jewish War Veterans of the USA has spoken out against the Shiite Muslim and other Iraqi opposition groups who would take over Iraq when Saddam Hussein is deposed. As reported in The New York Times, noting that these opposition groups are pursuing ties with the Iranians, NC Weiss is reemphasizing that the Iranian government is part of the "axis of evil." The Jewish War Veterans of the USA has a standing position that action against Iraq should be undertaken in a manner that will minimize jeopardy to American personnel. An opposition alliance with Iran will only create another need to bring about a change of government in Iraq. While it is recognized that the administration has consistently opposed the formation of a provisional government, JWV remains opposed to any future government allied to Iran. JWV favors a government which will endorse and support human rights, including the rights of women and minorities, which will eliminate the production of weapons of mass destruction and which will move toward democracy. Changing the current regime for a similar one allied with Iran is hardly an achievement.


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