Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

Has Your Voice Been Heard?

Winter 2004

The following is a summary of proposals by the commission appointed to review Veterans Affairs recommendations for health care facilities: Bedford, Mass.: Study building a single center in Boston area for acute and sub-acute patient services, residential rehabilitation and administrative and research support to replace similar services at West Roxbury, Jamaica Plan and Brockton campuses. Canandaigua, N.Y.: Disagreed with much of VA proposal to close. Recommended long-term care beds, including nursing home, psychiatric and homeless beds, and ambulatory care remain. Proposed developing plan to deal with high overhead, underused buildings. Montrose, N.Y.; Disagreed with VA proposal to move all inpatient beds to Castle Point, N.Y. Recommended moving psychiatric and nursing home to Castle Point. Leave residential rehabilitation and ambulatory care services at Montrose. Manhattan/Brooklyn, N.Y.: Agreed to VA proposal to study consolidating inpatient services and keeping outpatient primary and specialty care in Manhattan area. Pittsburgh (Highland Drive campus), PA.: Agreed with proposal to transfer services to University Drive campus. Butler, Pa.: Agreed with VA proposal to shut down acute care services. Altoona, Pa.: Continue outpatient and long-term care services. Disagreed with VA proposal to close acute care beds by 2012, recommended they close "as soon as reasonable." Erie, Pa.: Close inpatient surgical services and close all acute care beds as soon as reasonable. Keep out-patient and long-term care services in place. Beckley, W. Va.: Disagrees with VA hospital to convert to Critical Access Hospital. Close acute care beds and contract with community as soon as reasonable. Keep outpatient services and nursing home in place. Augusta (uptown division), Ga.: Disagrees withVA proposal to study consolidation with downtown division, not practical. Lake City, Fla.: Delay considering moving inpatient services to Gainesville until after FY 2012. Lexington (Leestown), Ky.: Disagrees with VA proposal to close. Cleveland (Brecksville), Ohio: Close campus, move services to Wade Park. Gulfport, Miss.: Transfer Gulfport services to Biloxi. More thorough analysis needed and commitment from Defense Department for partnering with Keesler Air Force Base. Kerrville, Texas: Do not convert to a critical access hospital. Transfer acute inpatient services to San Antonio, but contract with community until space is available there. Waco, Texas: Transfer portion of acute inpatient psychiatry to Austin and acute care, portion of inpatient psychiatry and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder beds to Temple. Disagrees with contracting out nursing home beds. Open new outpatient clinic in Waco area. Vancouver, Wash.: Disagrees with VA proposal to study closure. Maintain current mission at campus, reduce its size. Consider expanding its function. Livermore, Calif.: Disagrees with VA proposal to close. Transfer sub-acute beds to Palo Alto and shift outpatient care to community-based clinics. Retain long-term care service as freestanding unit. Hot Springs, S.D.: Do not change to Critical Access hospital. Knoxville, Iowa: Transfer all inpatient services to Des Moines. Keep outpatient in place. Contact your Congress people and your state officials to fight against this cost-based approach to human suffering and need and to compliment those cases where no change is being made.


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