Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

Emergency Relief Fund Applications

Fall 2005

We have been asked what information our Disaster Relief Committee would need in order to consider and to make an evaluation of emergency relief. We have gone on a case by case approach that the basis of every case is different and have asked the applicants for the following: 1. A short statement detailing the status of their need, and some details on when the injury or emergency occurred. 2. A statement on what, if any, aid has been received by the applicant, either from FEMA or other local sources. Also a statement of what has been received or is expected to be received from insurance coverage. 3. An estimate of damages. 4. A short statement on the applicant's location and whether he or she has any relationship with JWV. The foregoing information is to be forwarded to National Headquarters. Obviously, many of the potential recipients don't know at this moment what their damages have been and are not in a position to rebuild; however, there must be a number of people who need to repair their damaged property that may fall into this category. If you have any other questions, please let the Committee know.


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