Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

Committee Report - JWV Persian Gulf/ Global War on Terrorism

Summer 2007

Committee Report - JWV Persian Gulf/ Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) Veterans Outreach Committee

TO: Secretary of NEC, JWV National Headquarters c/o

From: Colonel Nelson L. Mellitz, Chairperson, JWV Persian Gulf (PG)/ Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) Veterans Outreach Committee

Subject: NEC Report on Persian Gulf/ GWOT Veterans Outreach Committee

The purpose of the report is to provide to the NEC the status of the PG/GWOT Veterans Outreach Committee and request the NEC and membership of the JWV continued support.

JWV Mission Statement: The Jewish War Veterans of the USA, the oldest active veterans association in the United States, founded by Civil War Veterans in 1896.

Today as in the past, the Jewish War Veterans of the USA is dedicated to those programs that support the needs of our veterans' community, combats anti-Semitism and bigotry, supports American youth through scouting, scholarships and anti-drug programs, and assists oppressed Jews worldwide.

The JWV represents a proud tradition of patriotism and service to America and is known as the "Patriotic Voice of American Jewry."

The JWV PG/ GWOT Veterans' Outreach Committee will continue to coordinate the JWV efforts to support Jewish military that are currently on Active Duty and in Reserve Components as part of GWOT and those that served in support of the Persian Gulf War in 1990/1991.

Goals of the PG and GWOT Working Committee at the JWV National Level during 2006/2007:

  1. Establish a JWV National committee to guide the organizational outreach efforts at all levels of the JWV - accomplished
  2. Support Active Duty and Reserve Component Members currently serving our country in the support of GWOT - continuous
  3. Integrate current PG and GWOT Active Duty, and Reserve Component Members into the mainstream of JWV leadership at all levels - continuous
  4. Create a 24/7 point of contact for GWOT veterans currently serving - established but to be expanded.
  5. Publicize the JWV support of PG and GWOT veterans in the Jewish and non-Jewish Press - created and made available to National, Department, and Post - Press Release. Press Release has been sent to several major Jewish Publications (i.e. JTA). Press Release attached.

Actions Requested of Department Commanders

  1. Please continue your current support of PG and GWOT veterans. The individual Department and Post efforts have been wonderful. What I request is that these efforts be reported to me as the National Point of Contact (POC), so that I can pass on to all Departments and the press JWV successes - Best Practices across the United States.
  2. Appoint a Department level single point of contact (POC) to be the Department coordinator for PG and GWOT veteran affairs. I recommend that POC be a PG or GWOT veteran, if possible. This POC will be responsible to the Department Commander and keep the National POC informed of outreach efforts for PG and GWOT veterans. The point of contact will be the person I speak with during monthly conference calls, by e-mail, and breakout sessions at JWV conferences.

The JWV will strive to take the lead in coordinating all outreach efforts to the Jewish troops. We are partnering with the Nation-wide and local community organizations and will continue to expand our efforts i.e. Jewish Welfare Board, Chaplains Council, Jewish Federation of Men's Clubs).

A JWV National Committee has been established to coordinate outreach to PG and GWOT veterans. This committee is responsible to create and later implement a charter and working level policy which will be approved by the JWV National Commander and appropriate national level committees.

The future of the Jewish War Veterans depends on the support and recruitment we give our recent and current active duty and reserve component members. I request your assistance in developing our outreach efforts.

National POC/ Committee Chair:
Nelson L. Mellitz, Colonel, USAFR, Ret.
Office: 212-436-1842/Cell:856-278-3041


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