Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

Call Up of Marine Reserves Indicative of Problems in Composition of All-Volunteer Military

Summer 2006

In the corporate world, layoffs and downsizing have become an all too familiar way to boost bottom lines by doing more with fewer employees. In the military, however, similar tactics lead to an inability to protect the security of the nation. While the military services are being stretched thin as the United States fights the Global War Against Terrorism, it has become necessary to call up members of the Marine Individual Ready Reserve, many of whom have already had one or two tours in Iraq and who have in many cases not trained for combat for several years, to meet upcoming staffing needs in Iraq. The U.S. military, while meeting their recruiting requirements, is too lean to sustain the prolonged fight against the shadowy enemy of terrorism, and the recently authorized call up of the inactive reserve provides a worrisome picture of the inadequate staffing requirements under which the military now functions. If these staffing shortages are allowed to continue, the long-term security of our nation will be seriously affected to our detriment and detrimentally to those whose lives will be further disrupted for 12 to 18 months—with, of course, further extensions if troop inventory is further limited. The Jewish War Veterans of the USA (JWV) urges the Pentagon to reconsider the troop levels necessary to sustain the safety and security of our country. This back-door draft using those who have already bravely served must not be allowed to continue. The JWV urges the adoption of a national service program, one of whose components should encompass trained troops who would be ready to augment current troop levels whenever needed. A pure draft would be unacceptable to our nation's citizens and disruptive of our security requirements. Downsizing may be good for the bottom line; it is a disaster for national security.


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