Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

Anti-Semitic Oliphant Cartoon is an Offense to Holocaust Victims

and Those Who Fought Nazi Aggression

April 2009

The recently published cartoon by the well-known cartoonist Pat Oliphant, depicting a headless, jack-booted thug giving a Nazi salute while wielding a sharp-fanged Star of David against a tiny, cringing Gaza depicted as a helpless mother holding a baby is not just anti-Semitic, but is an insult to both those Jews who died in the Holocaust and the Jewish service members who fought to defeat the Nazis and disregards the Gazan rockets which were directed to Israel - resulting in civilian Israeli deaths.

That Israel, home to so many Jews who had escaped the ravages of the Nazis, should now be depicted as a Nazi aggressor in a reverse Holocaust analogy is an insult to the memory of those who died in the concentration camps and to those in America's Armed Forces who liberated the surviving victims.

The Jewish people, the victims of the Nazis, are depicted as the Nazi aggressors - only one aspect of this cartoon that is an insult to the suffering of the Holocaust. In addition, Gaza is depicted as a blameless tiny victim clutching a baby and running helplessly from Israel.

In truth, Gaza is not the innocent victim, but rather an entity controlled by the terrorists of Hamas - an aggressor who has terrorized innocent Israelis and has caused untold injuries and deaths among peaceful Israeli citizens whose only crime is to live near the Gaza border.

The JWV demands that Mr. Oliphant apologize immediately for this cartoon, which is an insult not only to those who died in the Holocaust and those who defended the forces of freedom against the Nazis, but to the Israelis who live in constant fear of the terrorism of Hamas directly on their border and who seek only to protect their own citizens.


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