Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

September 17, 2009

Attendees: NC Edwin Robins; PNC Monroe Mayer NY/VT; NJA Allen Falk NJ; Jerry Alperstein NY; Stan Bilker PA; Jerome Blum CT; Hannah Deutch NY; Elliott Donn CT; Irving Finver SW; Roger Gove OH; Jack Mandell NJ; Bernhard Storch NY

Staff: NED Herb Rosenbleeth; Larry Richardson; Mrs. Bailor; Greg Byrne

Subject: Rules and Meetings

  • Elections should be held in the following order:

    • Post → Council → Department → National
    • This should be done so that the new officers are delegates for the upper echelon's convention.

  • The JWV Program Guide is a good source of information on how to run a meeting. It can be found online at the JWV website ( or you can request a copy from National.
  • Important to get everyone involved at a meeting, especially new members.

  • Appoint a greeter to introduce new members to everyone at the meeting and make them feel welcome.

  • E-mail meeting minutes and newsletters to members when possible.

    • Helps members who can't regularly attend meetings stay informed.
    • Saves on postage.

  • Good idea to have some kind of entertainment or educational program at meetings to keep members interested.

  • Meeting program ideas:

    • You could divide members up by war that they served in and have them share their experiences with the rest of the post. First meeting would be World War II, second would be Korea, etc.
    • Have one meeting a month devoted to post business and another for socializing.