Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

October 19, 2010

Attendees: PNC Monroe Mayer; Ed Blecher OH; Michael Corbett FL; Hannah Deutch NY; Elliott Donn CT; Jerry Farris PA; Don Feldman PA; PNC Sam Greenber PA; Joe Kraut SE; Nelson Mellitz NJ; Sid Wakser OH

Staff: NED Herb Rosenbleeth; DOO Larry Richardson; Cheryl Waldman

Subject: Working to Improve JWV

  • Keys to having a successful Post are using e-mail as much as possible to announce meetings and stay in touch with members, advertising in local papers and following up with articles about meetings, having interesting guest speakers, serving food, and having meetings at times convenient to most members
  • Try to target as new members veterans who are 5-10 years out from service and make them officers in the Post as soon as possible to keep up their interest
  • If the Post has an auxiliary, try to have some joint meetings so more people will attend
  • Possible speakers include local politicians and professionals and Allied Vets who have been to Israel with Allied Vets mission
  • Post Commanders can get list of Post 100 members in their Departments from National
  • Useful to have each member carry an application with him in case he meets a new prospect
  • Posts can apply to local Federations and Foundations for grants to fund programs