Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

May 12, 2011

Attendees:NC Steve Zeitz, PA; Maxwell Colon CA; Jerry Farris PA; Don Feldman PA; Ed Kranson NV; Joe Kraut SE; Marty Levine MI; PNC Monte Mayer NY; Nelson Mellitz NJ

Staff: NED Herb Rosenbleeth; DOO Larry Richardson; Ruby Deschamps; Cheryl Waldman
National Membership Chairman Robert Richter was ill and was excused.

Subject: Membership

  • Posts have to decide who should be in charge of retaining members
  • Methods to use in retaining members include telephone squad and letter (template attached), trying to work with other Jewish groups to help members who may be in need of health or other services
  • Larger problem than retention is getting new members
  • Must use Internet to attract new young members who will probably not attend meetings in person
  • JWV is well along in developing site for online post to help attract new members and in developing ability to assist Posts in creating their own websites
  • Ideas for increasing membership include:

    • Have synagogue breakfast at which time invite attendees to next JWV meeting
    • Carry business-sized cards to hand out to any possible new members
    • Take out ads in newsletters of synagogues and other Jewish organizations and local Jewish press
    • Wear caps to all Jewish events to raise awareness of JWV
    • Send releases to local newspapers
    • Have a membership chairman and committee at Post level to make reports at each meeting
    • Need perseverance in approaching possible new members