Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

January 26, 2010

Attendees: Finance Board Chairman PNC Joe Zoldan OH; Jerry Abrams FL; PNC Michael Berman NJ; Stan Bilker PA; Jerry Blum CT; Elliott Donn CT; Jerry Farris PA; Irving Finver NV; Joe Kraut SE; Saul Laub OH; PNC Monte Mayer NY/VT; PNC Ira Novoselsky MA; PNC Norman Rosenshein NJ; Bill Singer NY; Meyer Wagner PA

Staff: NED Herb Rosenbleeth; Larry Richardson; Cheryl Waldman; Greg Byrne

Subject: Finance Board

  • Mission of the Finance Board is to keep the name of JWV as an organization alive and well and perform our mission
  • When an echelon sends funds to other than approved project, must send equal amount to JWV
  • Matching funds aren't necessary if contribution is made to legitimate function for the organization
  • Problems from older members who raised money in a time of plenty and think they are entitled to keep it
  • Members have to be kept on roster for 3 years, but no need to pay insurance for those who are no longer active
  • Finance Board can tell Department Commanders who is eligible to vote but has no power to enforce compliance at the Department level
  • Posts that have a lot of money but not enough members don't want to merge with other posts
  • A patron can be a QM of a post if it is an appointed position
  • If the people authorized to sign checks are no longer able to, the Post can elect new officers and pass a resolution that the new officers can take to the bank