Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

January 25, 2012

Attendees:Bernhard Storch, Hannah Deutch, Don Feldman, Max Colon, Allen Falk, Lou Eliscu, Nelson Mellitz, Norman Rosenshein, Steve Zeitz, Shelley Ohren, Marvin Goldfarb, Murray Runin, Jerry Farris, Max Colon, Jake Katz, Norman Hanenbaum, Jerry Bloom, Mike London, Bill Singer, Monroe Mayer, Code Gomberg, Joe Kraut, Bob Zweiman, Erwin Burtnick, Alan Cornblatt, Bruce Kanis, David Zwerin

Staff: Herb Rosenbleeth, Nikki Salzman, Larry Richardson

  • We need information about what’s going on at the Post level from Commanders.
  • Quartermasters need to keep National in the loop on financial information.
  • The Commander is a person who holds total responsibility for everything that goes on in the Post.
    • Commander is the individual that directs what goes on in the Post.
    • The main communicator in the post concerning membership and other facets of the organization.
    • The Commander should dress appropriately to fit the role.
  • The Quartermaster is responsible to the commander AND to the Post.
    • Keep good records, budget funds, and know what’s going on for all funds
  • Send your newsletters to National so they can see what’s going on at the Post level.
    • If you would like to get something into the national magazine, send it to Nikki Salzman in the national office.
  • The Manual of Ceremonies outlines operations procedure and can be found online at
    • Describes what a commander should do and what a quartermaster should do.
    • Posts should use this manual as a guide.
    • It is the Commander’s role to ensure that all procedures in the manual are being followed properly.
  • Some Posts have the same Commander every year.
    • This is problematic for leadership and for when a Post Commander passes away
  • We need to have job training for our leadership
    • This could lead to a better working atmosphere in Posts
    • Assign 1, 2, 3, or 4 meetings per year that will be led by the Senior Vice Commander in order to train them
  • Start preparing your 990s for the Federal Government. Not completing your 990 can lead to losing your Post’s non-profit status.
  • The Commander of a Post or Department also needs to have spirit to lend to the organization. When a person is upbeat, enthusiastic, and encouraging things get better.